Introduction of Our Laboratory

Research field

This laboratory has "meteorological field" and "atmospheric dynamic field". Relationships between the atmosphere which is touching to the ground surface (planetary boundary layer) and the ground are researched in "meteorological field". The terrestrial atmosphere of the global-scale and meso-scale is computed with some numerical models in "atmospheric dynamic field". "Meteorological field" and "atmospheric dynamic field" proud respectively to influence mutually, education and research are being advanced.

You will try listing the keyword of the respective field:

  • Meteorology - planetary boundary layer, ground surface, heat balance, evapotranspiration, remote sensing, vegetation and atmospheric turbulence, etc.
  • Atmospheric dynamics - numerical simulation, global and meso-scale models, city meteorology, cloud, typhoon, monsoon, ozone and stratosphere, etc.

This way, cause of the interesting phenomenon occurs with the atmosphere of various heights is determined. The mechanisms to drive the air motion with the energy which the earth receives from the sun and to exchange of heat or the water between the atmosphere and the ground surface are also clarified. Our studies are important to understanding the system of the earth quantitatively, (as for meaning of the respective keyword the section of each field viewing).

Research Activity

There are 18 members in the laborator as of June 21, 2007;which include 5 staffs and 10 postgraduates and the 3 undergraduate students (Members).

In the laboratory,independent colloquiums (Japanese version) of various themes are held by interested person, which stimulate each other. On the other hand, we participate in the research project by cooperation with various research laboratories and the workshop where the research topic is discussed, and are doing the meteorological observation in the outdoors.

Moreover, please see photograph (Japanese version) about scenery of the course and a customary event.

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