Isentropic Cold Airmass Analysis Tool - Tutorial

Directory & File List

Makefile for make command.
src/*.f90Fortran 90 source code.
doc/document.pdfDocument (same as website)
Readme_namelist_en.txtNamelist syntax
Readme_history_jp.txtChange logs (in Japanese)
Readme_usage_jp.txtUsage of this program (in Japanese)
Readme_usage.txtUsage of this program (in English)
work/ sample grads ctl file
sample.shsample shell script

Required Variables

  • u-wind
  • v-wind
  • geopotential height
  • air temperature
  • surface pressure
  • surface u-wind
  • surface v-wind
  • surface altitude
  • surface temperature

Example of surface wind data are 10 meter wind. Input data should be a GrADS format (i.e., unformatted, direct access, and 4 byte binary).

How to Compile & Analyze Sample Data (Quick Start)

1. Edit Makefile

Specify compiler in Makefile. ifort (intel) and f90 (fujitsu) have already been checked.

2. Compile

 $ make clean        <- if necessary
 $ make

Executable file "isen_cold_air" will be created.

3. Modify shell script (namelist) for calculation

Change input and output file names, metadata of input data, time steps... etc.

3. Calculation

If you prepare a shell script like, you just execute the shel script.

 $ ./

If you manually run the program with namelist file, you execute isen_cold_air with the namelist.

 $ ./isen_cold_air < Namelist

A sample control file for GrADS is isen.ctl.

Hint for Analyzing other data

You can analyze various kind of GrADS format data by editing namelist. Please read Readme_namelist_en.txt for details on how to write namelist.